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Aug 12, 2013 9:00pm EDT
you texans call up, because this administration was responsible for the annexation of texas. the tylers have a lot of children. >> it is what kept them apart for a great deal of their married lives. john tyler was constitutionally incapable of being out of public office. he was addicted to it so left her at home to run the family, to run the business, and to continue to manage this incredible group of children they had almost from the very start. >> running their plantation would have been how large an operation? >> one of the issues is a are always on the very edge of solvency, so they never live one place more than 10 years. they are always moving around. they own between 30 and 35 slaves, and they are growing wheat and corn for about 600 acres to 900 acres, and that is between plantations. they then moved to the other side of virginia, so they are continuing to try to figure out a way during these striking economic changes to the country and go into what is going on in 1837, to find a way they can keep their heads above water, and with john tyler gone for so long and so o
Aug 13, 2013 6:00am EDT
population by more than 3,000 over the next 10 years, saving more than $40400 million. in texas investments in drug treatment for nonvie leant leapt offenders and changes to parole policies brought about a reduction in the prison population of more than r5,000 inmates last year alone. in the same year, similar efforts helped arkansas reduce its prison population by more than 1,400. from georgia, north carolina, and ohio to pennsylvania, hawaii and far beyond reinvestment and serious reform are improving public safety and saving precious resources. let me be clear, these measures have not compromised public safety. clearly, these measures can work. it is time for others to take notice. 6 [applause] my policies and i will continue to work. the a.b.a. has catalogued tens of thousands of statutes that impose unwise and counterproductive clathclats radical consequences on people who have been convicted of crimes. i've asked state attorneys general and a variety of federal leaders to review their own agencies' regulations. today i can announce that i've directed all the department of justice comp
Aug 20, 2013 12:00am EDT
with the chinese defense minister. then ted cruz of texas speak. >> good afternoon. today, i am pleased to welcome the defense general to the entagon. >language] >> we just finished a productive meeting where i restated the united states is committed to building a positive and constructive relationship with china. >language] >> the china-u.s. relationship is important for stability and security in the asia-pacific and achieving security and prosperity for our nations in the 21st century. >language] >> one of the things we mphasized today was that a sustained military to military relationship is an important pillar of this strong bilateral relationship. >language] > the united states welcomes and supports the rise of a prosperous and responsible china that helps regional and global progress. [speaking another language] >> our goal is to build trust between our militaries through cooperation. the united states has invited for the first time the p.l.a. navy to join our multilateral naval exercises that will take place next year. >> [speaking another language] >> this morning, we have affirmed we will
Aug 20, 2013 6:00am EDT
are dealing with someone named tsarnaev. now, let's make it bob smith in texas who is reported to be an antigovernment guy. fbi interviews him, he says no way. fbi closes the investigation, handed off to police and says, you might want to keep your eye on smith out there because he has a lot of guns. do you think a few people in congress might have a problem with that? we have to realize that we could increase the safety net we have but it has implications for what state local authorities to and how that potentially infringes on civil liberties independent of official investigations. >> i completely agree. the problem is, the observation has been made that we haven't been to the crime site. our collection capabilities, the way we collect information has increased the amount of information we have. almost inevitably, when something happens like boston, we can look back and find points of opportunity to engage or do more. the lesson, the difficult lesson is the fbi bases what it can do on the amount of information it has. a predicate what they do on how much information. that is
Aug 19, 2013 9:00pm EDT
're going to have a lot of women, hopefully, if all goes well, the great state senator wendy davis of texas will think about running for governor of texas. but if we want to see a woman in the white house, which we do, we also need to see and support women running in governorships. these are executive leader positions and in the united states, 24 states have not ever in their history elected a woman governor. they're not alone. we have to do this, this is another piece of the puzzle. as the senator says, once you see it, you get it. it's not an issue anymore. but we've got to keep pushing state-by-state. once we break that biggest and final glass ceiling towards the white house, it's going to open up so many doors across the country, governor's mayor -- governors' races, mayors' races, others. >> senator mccaskill, is she why you ran? >> i think that a simple way of putting it, i think both my mother and father gave me permission to be bossy and opinionated. my dad reassured me that even though no one wanted to date me in college, it would get better. i can't even believe that's true. >> bo
Aug 5, 2013 9:00pm EDT
was mentioning that to.hen added a second story >> sherry is watching us in jerry.on, texas, hi, >> caller: hello. my call. for taking i have a question about sally clarify r if you could the relationship george had with until after inued the revolutionary war. was she aware of that relationship? deal with that? or was it something that was not discuss? >> you want to start? >> want to disagree. >> you disagree. >> this is a classic example of unfortunately mrs. washington did her cause no good burning all of those letters. letters te 1950s, two vents scovered which the of reigning biographer, james great dealner made a out of. ome would say perhaps exaggerated. >> way too much -- >> -- their significance. fairfax was the wife of george william fairfax who was a neighbor and close friend. people described him as washington's best friend. lived just down river of -- from mt. vernon. -- what i think clearly would use the i word "infatuation." older, slightly older, very sophisticated to who wanted george as a young man very much to belong. be part of the colonial aristocracy, who wanted o advance
Aug 11, 2013 12:00am EDT
&a." >> texas senator wendy davis spoke at the national press club . she talked about funding education and women's healthcare. this is about an hour. >> good afternoon. welcome to the national press club. i am a reporter for bloomberg news and the 106th president of the national press club. we are the leading organization for journalism. for more information about the national press club, please visit our website. to donate to programs, please visit i would like to welcome our speaker and those of you in our audience today. our head table includes guests of our speakers. members of the general public are also attending, it is not a lack of objectivity. [laughter] would also like to welcome our c-span and radio audiences. our lunches are featured on podcasts available on un
Aug 26, 2013 9:00pm EDT
through tennessee down to new orleans to texas. ida mckinley got out of the other side of the train and ran away with a bunch of women who took her to a big breakfast across the border making her the first incumbent first lady to leave the united states. they came to the fiesta flowers. at that point should be shaking hands that she had cut her finger, she had a ring on. it became ineffective. as they were going up the coast and i go through all the details in the new book, to summarize this debate about issue going to get better? mckinley said i've seen her, she is always gotten better. the doctors said this is pretty serious. when they had to cancel everything and she was really near death that is when, of coarse reporters were traveling with them. they had to tell the truth. they were very honest about it. they gave daily reports. >> with regards her seizure disorder, the president developed a technique when they were at events. it was described by taft who attended a home in canton. let me read how he described it. "at that moment we heard a hissing sound, mckinley through a nap
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)